Google to grow the Serbian startup scene in partnership with Startit

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON April 28

Google has chosen to support Serbia’s growing startup scene by teaming up with Startit, the Belgrade-based tech community organization, with Google Developers Launchpad, a branch inside of Google designed to help developer communities and startups grow.

This initiative will open up new opportunities for Serbian entrepreneurs and will significantly widen and internationalize their business network and knowledge base. The partnership will focus on providing support to startups in Startit’s accelerator program, Startup Academy.

The startups will receive support in the form of mentoring, know-how playbooks, and many other benefits emanating from twenty years’ worth of Google research and best practice insights on building businesses, products, and teams at massive scale. In addition to online support and materials, the value to the local ecosystem will be provided by regular visits from Google’s representatives and mentors.

Startit’s Startup Academy is the first European accelerator to become part of Google’s program, thus becoming a part of an elite group of the world’s top accelerators, allowing it to share information and leverage resources.

These resources will help Startit’s startup portfolio — which already includes some of the fastest-growing companies in the region — scale its businesses exponentially.

Google believes, that in the coming years, markets outside of the Silicon Valley will increasingly impact the global startup and technology ecosystem. Kevin O’Toole, Google Launchpad’s Head of International Growth, had this to say on this partnership:

“Google Developers Launchpad is thrilled to work with Startup Academy to grow Serbia’s startup ecosystem. The “Powered by Google Developers Launchpad” program is about empowering startup ecosystems around the world through top accelerators, and helping them leverage each other for insights and resource sharing.”

Vukašin Stojkov, co-founder of Startit and Head of the Startup academy programme, remarked that:

This is a very important moment for the Serbian startup scene — the fact that Google has chosen to join the cause of growing further Serbian tech entrepreneurs’ endeavours is a great vote of confidence in the capacities and potential of the local ecosystem. We’re thrilled to play a role in this programme, and serve as a conduit in bringing Google’s huge value and resources to empower the local startup community.

This partnership is a follow up to a pilot program powered by Google Launchpad called Launchpad Start, which has taken place earlier this month in Novi Sad, bringing more than 50 international mentors for a 5-day bootcamp with Serbian startups.

Details about Google Developers Launchpad

Google Developers Launchpad is a branch of Google that operates a global acceleration program that helps startups grow. Google is a thought leader when it comes to building and scaling products and businesses using the most advanced technologies, and Launchpad works to share and distribute those best practices to the global community of founders and startups.

Google Developers Launchpad doesn’t take an equity stake in accelerator portfolio startups, but instead focuses on developing companies and their ecosystems over the long term.

Details about Startit and Startup academy

Startit is a Belgrade-based grassroots movement whose mission is the creation of a better society through the promotion of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

For the past 10 years it has been running projects such as, the most popular tech media in Serbia, and Startit Centers, a network of tech community centers around the country, which are being visited by 25.000 tech professionals and enthusiasts every year.

Startup academy is Startit’s acceleration program which is now in its seventh year of operations, through which more than 50 startups have gone through and went on to raise more than 2 million euros in investments, along with north of 15 million euros in revenue and more than 150 employees.


“We know we can”: 700+ people attend the central Serbian startup community event

BY Zoja Kukic ON May 25

The biggest startup event in Serbia this year was held on Saturday May 16th in Belgrade, with more than 700 people who attended a celebration of the growing local startup scene.

In some ways, what was celebrated under the motto We know we can was not just entrepreneurship, but a spirit of optimism, energy and determination in an apathetic country which takes second place in the world in the brain drain category due to harsh and absurd economic and social conditions.


Startup Academy Demo Day showcases best new Serbian startups in front of 600+ attendees

BY Zoja Kukic ON April 28

Third generation of Startit Startup Academy will be graduating in front of 600+ people at the most important startup event in Serbia this year. Startup Academy Demo Day will be held on Saturday the 16 of May in Belgrade.

This event will also be an opportunity to get important updates from the Serbian startup community which will be gathered at this event. SEE ICT, NGO which has played an important role in kickstarting the local startups, will share important milestones in the evloution of the scene, look into trends that will shape the future and announce exclusively a number of new programmes.


12 new teams in Bulgarian accelerator Eleven

BY Zoja Kukic ON January 22

Bulgarian accelerator Eleven is, many would agree, one of the greatest supporter for regional early strage startups. They have just annonced 12 new teams that have entered in the 8th batch of this accelerator which makes total of 95 teams funded.

Although focused mainly on tech startups, this time around Eleven is venturing offline quite seriously with its first apparel, second healthy food and one sanitary ware company.