First App Store for Cloud Apps Comes from Belgrade, Serbia – Bal Balaji Goes After the $70 bln Market

BY ON October 13

An increasing number of programs and apps are turning to cloud, yet the deployment process still requires a lot of time and knowledge. A team from Belgrade, led by Bal Balaji, created the app store for cloud apps to bring deployment down to a couple of clicks.

DISTRIBOOTED is a platform that aims to provide a single-pane-of glass for deployment, configuration, management and monitoring of server applications across multiple cloud providers. The process consists of three steps: selecting the desired app, then the cloud provider, plus one more click to configure, and you are ready to go.

Once the deployment to cloud is done, you get a management dashboard where you can track the processes and apps and check if all is fine.

Seeds of the idea

The idea for the startup was born this time last year. Bal, a serial tech entrepreneur, with several successful companies to his name, including Bal Lab and SurfKitchen, believed that the cloud is nowadays in that same mess which troubled the mobile world in 2002 – many fine apps scattered across several providers without a unifying factor that would create an easier installation.

Bal, working and living in Belgrade since 2011, is the founder and sole investor, accompanied by eight other people, including CTO Nikola Gajin, SVP engineering Sandra Duraković and COO Dragana Lubarda.

Next steps

At the moment, DISTRIBOOTED has two key aspects – cloud management and app management, with the third one – monitoring – in sight.

Bal estimates that the cloud market will reach $70 bln by year-end and that it is likely to come at around $500 bln over the next decade, of which 10% will be taken by cloud apps and their management alone.

As for the competition, Amazon’s got Marketplace, Google also has something similar – yet DISTRIBOOTED will be the first shop to include several cloud providers. The priority of the team is to build the brand and generate revenues.

The first next step is completing the iteration process – cloud management, app management and monitoring. The next part of the plan is enabling end users to experience cloud as a single entity and not multiple providers. The aim is to allow users to move apps between providers without leaving the platform and facing migration issues.

As the product is currently in alpha version, any feedback is welcome –it will help further tailor the app to users’ requests. You can test the DISTRIBOOTED platform here and so help the team improve their product.

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