How did Nordeus manage to get 1 million new Top Eleven users in just a month?

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON August 31

Nordeus’ online football manager Top Eleven, probably the most successful technology product hailing from Serbia, has managed to hit another great milestone — in August the game was played by 6 million players! This result which is amazing in and of itself is especially impressive when we know that they hit 5 million just a month ago.

So how did the boys and girls achieve this kind of insane growth? We already know from an interview with the founders that they have an extraordinary work ethic, that they are very ambitious, insistent on the quality of the product, team, work atmosphere…

Still the growth is such that we cannot ask ourselves what is the ‘secret’ behind it, an increase of 1.000.000 in the number of players in just one month?

According to Nikola Čavić who heads Business Development in the company, these were the ingredients:

• new features like sending gifts and cheering for your friends during their matches
• improved interfaces of the mobile apps
• high rating users gave the game in the App Center
• but above everything else, constant work on improving the quality of the game

Here is the complete comment Nikola gave Startit on this matter:

August was exceptional for Top Eleven for many reasons. Other than the fact that we’ve reached the millionth download of the Android version of the game, we can also say that Top Eleven is now played by more than 6 million players from all around the world!

If we look just a month back, we had 4.8 million active users. So, what we’ve managed is increase the number of users by 25% in one month, in a game that has been on the market for 2.5 years. I think this is an enormous success and we’re very proud of it.

As the main reason for this trend I see the ever-increasing quality of Top Eleven as a game. After numerous months of creating new content for the game, in August we released three features which proved a hit with our users.

The ability to send gifts to friends enjoys great popularity with the players, also we received very positive reactions from the users to the new interface of our mobile clients and the ability to cheer for your friends during live matches.

The new content and the constant improving of the game led to having almost 500.000 users who ranked Top Eleven as one of the best apps in the world.

Our current rating is 4.4/5 on the Facebook App Center, which by itself led almost two million people to try Top Eleven in August. So, App Center definitely had a great influence on the surge of new users, but for the right reasons — because hundreds of thousands of players chose Top Eleven and ranked it as the best football manager on the market.

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