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Start Trek tour organized by Eleven and its partners is visiting 6 CEE capitals

BY Zoja Kukic ON September 25

Eleven Accelerator and its partners host 6 local events in the major startup cities in CEE as part of their annual tour Start Trek and bring along inspiring entrepreneurs, investors and partners from all over Europe including David Scanlon (Enterprise Ireland), Lorcan O’Sullivan (Start in Ireland), George Dita (How to Web), Lucie Montel (Rainmaking Loft) and Salim Virani (Founder Centric.)

In in 12 days StartTrek will visit Istanbul, Bucharest, Belgrade, Podgorica, Zagreb and Sofia. The mission of Start Trek is to inspire the local startup communities and empower community leaders from all over Europe and the event format is more developed than previous year – there will be a pitching session, lectures, workshop and networking.


Tesla convoy promoting new accelerator and competitions for innovative startups

BY Balsa Djukovic ON September 17

This week regional cities will be visited by  “Tesla convoy” that promotes new accelerator for startups „World Tesla Innovations Network – Accelerator“,  competition “The Next Tesla Thing” and entrepreneurship itself. Tesla Model S will travel the entire route and in each city will be joined with other electric and hybrid vehicles.

The aim of the event is to connect innovators, entrepreneurs and investors inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla with companies that want to use the patents of the company Tesla Motors, which were recently made ​​available by it’s founder Elon Musk. Key topics will be development of electric vehicle charging stations and generally renewable sources of energy.