Serbian game Awakening of Heroes wins Casual Connect Indie Prize Competition!

BY Zoja Kukic ON November 12

Winners of Indie Prize Showcase were announced last night at the party after the second day of Casual Connect EE held in Belgrade. Among the competition of 40 indie developers from Eastern Europe, Serbian game Awakening of Heroes has been rewarded the first prize – critics choice.

Nevena Jovanovic, cofounder of COFA Games, Studio behing the winning game shares for Startit her impressions:

nevena jovanovic cofa gamesWe were hoping for an award in one of the categories, but the fact that we won the first one really surprised us! This is one more proof that we are on a right track and we hope this will help us in promoting the game when the time is right.

We have travelled quite a lot in the past few months and our plan is now to focus on the development of the game as much as possible.

First Serbian MOBA game targets different audience than those characteristic for this genre – they are making a MOBA game primarly for women. They have received a grant from Serbian Innovation Fund and have also participated in Finnish accelerator Startup Sauna. More about the game you can read in our overview.

This win might also help in promoting Serbian game development scene, since it has already received lots of attention through Casual Connect, since all three main sponsors are game studios from Serbia – Nordeus, Eipix and Mad Head Games.

The winners are announced in several categories and the winner based on the votes from audience is Mayan Death Robots from Belgium.

Indie Prize winners in other categories:

Best Game Art – STEAMPUNKER by Telehorse, Poland

Most Innovative Game – Gauge by Etienne Perrin, France

Most promissing Game in Development– Skyhill by The Mandragora Team, Russia

Best Game Desing- Out There by Mi-Clos Studio, France

Best Family Friendly Game – Train Valley by Flazm & Oroboro, Russia

Director of Indie Prize Showcase, Yulia Vakhrusheva is very pleased how Belgrade event turned out:

julija-e1413809168678The Indie Prize Showcase in Belgrade turned out great. An impressive variety of games was demoed in this showcase: from match-3 to endless runners to FPS and role playing games. Many potential partnerships have started here.

The games were judged by Nick Berry, Facebook; Oscar Clark, Unity; Candy Yang, Aarki; Djordje Radulovic, Power Up Digital and a number of selected journalists.

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