World’s first Hyper Reality Hackathon in Belgrade

BY Zoja Kukic ON March 13

VR is one of the fastest growing technology at this moment and our main goal is to bring it to all creative people in our country. In collaboration with British Council and Bristol VR Lab, we will give the opportunity to all technology lovers to connect and work on great VR projects during 48h.


What is a hyper-reality?

The goal of this hackathon is to practically explore the boundaries between the reality, the virtual and the hyperreality. We want to broaden the possibilities of the VR surroundings, perception of the virtual self, and the UI/UX tools in the hyperreality.

The Reality is the surrounding of our biological self which we (usually) perceive without any technological enhancement. The virtual reality is the simulated environment which can be experienced only through the use of appropriate technology.

The hyperreality is the in-between-space which this hackathon wants to problematize. By using the provided technology for this hackathon the participants will:

  • enhance the reality,
  • explore different ways the environment interacts with us,
  • alter the way of self-perception,
  • advance the way we interact through and with the technology.

The creation of hyperreality can take place in the form of an experience of the altered reality (bringing the Rubber hand illusion to the next level), a narrative (game/movie/presentation) and/or an experiment which includes body and mind (the new way of human-computer communication).

Areas of exploration

The real, the virtual, the hyperreal. You have the real room and its virtual twin. You need to create a hyperreal interactive experience.

  • Human computer interaction. How can you enhance and widen the scope of spatial interaction without physical controllers? Utilize brain waves and body functions as UI/UX tools.
  • Experiment with hyperreal multi-personal experiences. Enable multisensory and multimodal inter-entity interaction in hyperreal environment.
  • In 48 hours all teams will be supported by mentors and VR professionals, that are coming not only from Serbia but also from United Kingdom.

At the end of the hackathon, all the solutions will be presented to the professional jury, which will opt for the best experiences based on creativity, usability and technical development. Three best solutions will get a prize of total 3500 pounds as well as possible support in the further development of their ideas.


Applications are open for the already formed teams of a maximum 4 members, but also for individuals. The pre-event introduction will be organized 3 days before the hackathon. During the pre-event workshop all participants will get an opportunity to get to know each other, create teams and test the equipment.

You can apply for this hackathon by filling this application form. Deadline for applications is 16th of March at 23:59. After closing them, all participants will be notified by e-mail about upcoming hackathon activities and further steps.


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