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“We know we can”: 700+ people attend the central Serbian startup community event

BY Zoja Kukic ON May 25

The biggest startup event in Serbia this year was held on Saturday May 16th in Belgrade, with more than 700 people who attended a celebration of the growing local startup scene.

In some ways, what was celebrated under the motto We know we can was not just entrepreneurship, but a spirit of optimism, energy and determination in an apathetic country which takes second place in the world in the brain drain category due to harsh and absurd economic and social conditions.


Startup Academy Demo Day showcases best new Serbian startups in front of 600+ attendees

BY Zoja Kukic ON April 28

Third generation of Startit Startup Academy will be graduating in front of 600+ people at the most important startup event in Serbia this year. Startup Academy Demo Day will be held on Saturday the 16 of May in Belgrade.

This event will also be an opportunity to get important updates from the Serbian startup community which will be gathered at this event. SEE ICT, NGO which has played an important role in kickstarting the local startups, will share important milestones in the evloution of the scene, look into trends that will shape the future and announce exclusively a number of new programmes.


12 new teams in Bulgarian accelerator Eleven

BY Zoja Kukic ON January 22

Bulgarian accelerator Eleven is, many would agree, one of the greatest supporter for regional early strage startups. They have just annonced 12 new teams that have entered in the 8th batch of this accelerator which makes total of 95 teams funded.

Although focused mainly on tech startups, this time around Eleven is venturing offline quite seriously with its first apparel, second healthy food and one sanitary ware company.


How to Web Conference in Bucharest hosts 70+ speakers on 4 different tracks

BY Zoja Kukic ON October 24

More than 70 international speakers from 4 continents will take the stage at How to Web Conference 2014 to talk about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in Bucharest 20-21 November.

Different topics will be covered – Internet of Things and the evolution of hardware startups, the revolution of electronic payments brought about by crypto-currencies, the opportunities and challenges of startup financing, including crowdfunding, or how and why it is the perfect moment to start building video games.