“Don’t come to work anymore” – email received by 60 employees of Drey, Swiss IT company

BY Zoja Kukic ON June 9

Serbian branch of Swiss IT company Drey last night fired entire staff – 60 employees. Company has so far been regarded as a very good place for work and even today on their website you can see that they identify themselves through the people who work there.

So far from their employees you could here that  it was the job they have been waiting for, unique place of work in Serbia and that is a great place to learn and develop, but today it has all been shattered. Without any notice they have received an email last night not to come to work starting from today since the company is in liqudation.



Of course, on Monday morning they all came to the office just to find out that are not allowed to enter. Only security was present. These plans were new even to managers and CEO. They were all in front of the building in centre of Belgrade.

Drey is creator of mobile and internet solutions and everything was done inhouse – today Serbian job market is now richer for Java, ASP.NET, MVC programmers, mobile developers for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, graphic and UX designers and a serious biz dev team: market analysts, customer support, account menagers, etc.

If you are looking to hire this great team, you can found them all on this link.

We wrote early this morning to the headquarters in Zurich, but still haven’t received any feedback. If that happens, we will update this article.

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