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BY Vukašin Stojkov ON July 17

Today we’re launching EuroStartupBlogs, a small weekend project that collects all English blogs covering startups and technology on a European level, wether the whole continent or just a part, like ourselves do with South-East Europe.

I was looking for a similar list some time ago and couldn’t find one, so it occurred that it might be nice to have such a list and also an overview of what is being published on these blogs.

Currently the blogs are being ordered alphabetically, though we might put out an update that would provide the option of ordering by who published the latest post.

If you run or know of a blog covering European startups that isn’t included here, do ping us in the comments or by using the form put up for this purpose.

All and any comments are welcome, especially if there is any feature that could be useful to you. If you hadn’t done so by now, head over to and don’t forget to bookmark the page. :)

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  • Julian 8.6.2012

    There’s one missing: What about!

  • Christoph Auer-Welsbach 8.7.2012

    I love that website, the UI/UX is much better than getting all the notifications of articles of different blogs via twitter or a feed reader.
    Of course, some blogs are missing, as well as a search function or a direct link to older articles especially the history of them of each blog, but as the founder mentioned via Facebook, he develop this idea over one weekend, so it will take time to improve it.

  • Vukašin Stojkov 8.21.2012

    Hay Julian, will be added by the end of the week.

    @Cristoph – thanks for the critique, we’ll be improving it with time.

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