Fliiby launched version 3, the future of digital publishing and aims to top its previous 6 million MAU

BY Dunja Lazic ON August 25

Exactly 7 years after being founded, Serbian startup Fliiby has publicly launched its third version, this time even more ambitious than previous.

Fliiby v3 plans to change the future of digital publishing and enable all online publishers to earn for the content they are releasing.

New Fliiby has been announced as a revolution in monetization and distribution of digital content and as a result of multiannual work by Fliiby team. It leans on the lessons they learned by creating their file library, which at its peak in 2010 had 6 million monthly active users.

Fliiby, shortcut from File Library will be competitor to numerous current online publishing platforms, but its uniqueness is that it will unite all the media in one place and thereby be potentially interesting to large number of users.

With a motto Publish anything, Fliiby is already starting to conquer the world of digitial publishing and target photographs, videographs, musicians, illustrators, designers and writers as their users. Nemanja Divjak, one of the founders shares with Startit readers their plan:

nemanja divjakPlan is to offer a platform for digital publishers that will enable them to have beautiful profiles which can be used as portfolio and for those who have they original content we are offering partnership programme which will enable them to monetize their works.

In the beginning the focus will be on local publishers in the Balkans through direct contracts with production companies and artists, but at the same time we plan to work on the international market.


One of the new features is dynamic unlimited storage for active users, which is free as long as the user is providing popular and quality content. Users will also be able to see the statistics, such as number of views and populiratiy of the content, but also the dynamics of their income growth.

Vujadin Divjak, cofounder of Fliiby, emphasized that the transformation is more important than progress and that pivoting to publishing was one of the key moments in creating Fliiby v3.


Adapting to change is more important and in the moment they happen the future of your startup depends on your abbility to adjust and react fast.

Fliiby has been announced as a best startup on Startit Fest this may, which gave them momentum for new achievements and prepared them for the launch of third version.

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