Hacking New Europe at the Pioneers Festival

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON October 29

Pioneers Festival, one of the biggest startup conferences in Europe is starting today, boasting 2500 participants and 60 speakers with one of the headliners being Dave McClure.

For the startups, investors and a select few others the conference started yesterday and I’ve had the pleasure to join a workshop called Hacking New Europe, organized by Ivo Spigel together with Pioneers Fest.

The objective of this gathering was to get the various startup activists from Central and Eastern Europe connected and find a way to work together in the future. People from Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria (2, 3), Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia (2) attended the workshop.

Even though not much specific was accomplished I feel this could be a start of something relevant and useful. I’m quite certain that there are numerous benefits to be had from people working on kickstarting their local startup community actually working together.

One of the most interesting topics was the question of changing culture ie. how to get people from our communities more open to failure, thinking big, outside of the box and the traditional career ideals (working for a well known company, the government, having a steady job)… Without having to ship them all to Silicon Valley on field trips first, which might be a bit impractical to organize at scale.

The participants of the workshop will remain to be in touch via a Google group and I hope that soon enough a more tangible platform for communication between the interested parties will emerge. To get info on if and when that happens make sure you’re following the English edition of Startit.

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