Here’s why #GOAP should visit the Balkans this fall

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON June 8

Geeks on a Plane is an exclusive tour for hand-picked investors and startups from the US which travels to emerging technology markets around the world.

Organized by 500 Startups and led by the well-known Dave McClure, this tour provides the travelers with new perspectives and connections, but also gives local communities a taste of the Silicon Valley and the opportunity to gain valuable new partners from the world’s tech entrepreneurship epicenter.

So it’s great news to see that #GOAP might visit the Balkans during their Eastern Europe tour in September, and here we’d like to help them make the right decision and add a few reasons why we think South-East Europe should be added on the list:

• Startups here have cojones – they aren’t afraid to go against the big guys, like when Nordeus went head to head with Electronic Arts or taking on Skype.

• They are innovative – it takes a considerable amount of out of the box thinking to create a web app for farmers to help them manage their cows as (500’s own) Farmeron did.

• They are indeed relentlessly resourceful, they have to be – in an environment where there are no sources of capital worth mentioning, where every entrepreneur belongs to the first generation of tech entrepreneurs in their country, having as many successful companies as there are in SEE is a small wonder.

So do come, dear Geeks on a Plane, and see for yourselves the community from whence the likes of Zemanta, ShoutEm, Celtra,, Nordeus, Seven Bridges Genomics, DoubleRecall, Manage WP, Wall of Tweets, activeCollab, Farmeron, Toshl, ShoeAddicts, SalesPod, 6sync and many, many others are hailing, and witness firsthand the next wave of innovative and resolute companies rising up from the Balkans.

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