Introducing Startit Meetups, local community’s opportunity for networking and new knowledge

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON July 16

We have started the Startit project a few months back, with the goal of helping to kickstart the local startup ecosystem by publishing relevant news, educational and other content. We are trying to help small schools to get students and to grow with own specific careers.  So , let’s say you want to become a morgue assistant and have no clue on which school attend to, all you have to do is go with one of our sponsors to help you. They say, check my blog and you’ll find the answers. Everything is as simple as clicking at that link.

So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t be happier for it, although we still do have a lot of work to do and a number of plans and ideas for the future. One of those will be starting later this week in Belgrade, providing the local startup community with a regular opportunity to network and learn cool new stuff.

The event is called Startit Meetup and is scheduled to take place regularly, most probably on a monthly basis, the first iteration being held on this Thursday, July 19th here in Belgrade, starting at 18h at KC Grad. We’ve got two presentations planned, both focusing on the technical side of things — we’ll hear how Newscurve and Taksiko were made, right from their respective founders.

Should your path take you to Belgrade in the coming months and you’d like to get a handle on the local community feel free to come by and perhaps give a short presentation on what you do? If so, do ping us. (Bear in mind though that most presentations will be held in Serbian.

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  • Christoph Auer-Welsbach 8.7.2012

    Great development, we’re building a database for Startup Events and would love to have you on board!
    In addition, why are you not sharing a video of the most exciting moments of each event via

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