Newscurve’s exit to Neodata

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON June 7

Belgrade-based startup Newscurve, whose web application provides advanced analytics for online media has been sold to the Italian Neodata Group last month, in one of the first startup exits in Serbia.

Newscurve is a tool for online media which enables them to maximize the value of their content by giving them real time information on how successful various pieces of content are.

Editors can see which articles should be held longer on top positions, which should be removed, which articles are unexpectedly popular and which had failed. Media can use this information to react in time and get the best results, and the product has already seen use by big online publishers in the SEE region.

Neodata Group is the leading ad-serving and online publishing solutions company from Italy, with healthy ambitions for growh in the American and other markets. The company offers a range of tools for analytics and optimization of digital content to its customers. In february of this year Neodata recieved a €2.5 million investment from the Milan-based investment fund Principia.

Through this acquisition Newscurve will get access to new B2B clients which would otherwise be out of its reach and will be further developed alongside existing technological solutions of Neodata.

“Neodata Group is the ideal organization to expand and leverage the Newscurve technology. They share our passion for innovation, so we’re absolutely thrilled with the opportunities that this relationship will create.” – Boris Krstović, co-founder

In the future Newscurve will be an integral part of Neodata’s offering but will keep a high level of autonomy and its founders, Boris Krstović and Slobodan Utvić, will continue leading the development of the product.

To get more info on this acquisition as well as some perspective on Newscurve we had a talk with the CEO, Boris Krstović.

How did you come up with Newscurve?

Newscurve is the result of various ideas we had over a period of few months, regarding personalized content recommendation and real-time analytics. With the Vivvo CMS we entered the online publishing industry 6 years ago and we wanted to stay in that space with a complementary product.

The initial business concept was to offer the service to bloggers for a fee of $9 per month. As it usually goes – we went into an entirely different direction.

How doest Newcurve work?

Newscurve tells you which articles you should put in the prime position and which you should remove – it’s a decision support system which gives you data on how visitors are interacting with content on your website.

We help editors and publishers maximize value of their content by providing real-time info on content performance, as well as notifications on everything out of the ordinary, everything that could require action.

Conceptually, Newsbeat (Chartbeat), VisualRevenue and Parsely are doing something similar.

How long did the building of the platform last and what were the challenges?

The basic technology had been in development for around 9 months, but a lot more time went into understanding the problem. It was key for us to understand what actually needs to be measured – based on which metrics and information can the users take action and then quantify their performance.

And as the rules of the game keep changing this process is continuous.

How do you see the chances for local startup and the perspectives for the development of the ecosystem?

We have successful startups – even a significant number of those, having in mind all the characteristics of our region. Unfortunately, I think we still do not have an ecosystem, at least in Serbia, but we can make one, perhaps in the way they did it in Slovenia.

This means that the first wave of successful companies helps the other ones with mentorship and contacts. Young entrepreneurs (engineers) most need help in the domain of business development, product strategy and customer development.

What I see as the greatest challenge for local startups is lackluster execution. You don’t create a startup by working 9 to 5 and then hacking something up on weekends, rather it’s the other way around – on weekends you make money to be able to work on your startup during the week.

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