‘Seedcamp is like a $100.000 in consulting’

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON June 18

One of the main components of all Seedcamp events, including the one recently held in Zagreb are the mentoring sessions.

During these the mentors are divided into groups and then go from startup to startup and give counsel and ask them hard questions, so as to help them develop their products and businesses.

Startups can get a lot of value from these sessions as one of the participants tweeted, whom we quoted for the title of this article.

Quality mentoring is one of the basic elements of every startup ecosystem, and for their part Seedcamp is trying hard to make experienced and relevant mentors available to startups at each of their events.

We asked a few of the participating entrepreneurs at the recently held event for their view of the mentoring sessions and the value they got out of them, as well as the value of the whole experience.

Anela Senčar, Shoe Addicts:

A day longer than 24 hours and an invaluable experience – that is Seedcamp in a nutshell, as seen from the perspective of one of the top 19 startups.

In ‘just’ 5-6 hours groups of four mentors are coming to you, with experience from various fields, bombarding you with questions like ‘how do you plan to make money‘ and ‘what if‘ scenarios which you might not have ever thought of yourself!

At the moment where you’re bursting with ideas and concepts with which you will enrich your product, a mentor will very tactically warn you that you’ve fallen ill to ‘featuritis‘ and give you a perscription for coming back on to ground.

You are meeting people from various industries, from bankers to marketers, and, if you’re smart enough, after Seedcamp you will get down to work, putting all of the advice on paper and break them down to the most minute details. For this tho whole Shoe Addicts team is very thankful.

Mario Đanić, 6sync

Everybody keeps talking how Seedcamp is great – and it is, don’t get me wrong. It is an amazing experience with amazing people.

But the best things comes afterwards – integrating all those advices into yourself and the company can easily take many years, but most definitely results in improving your chances in this competitive world. If you get a chance to join it, don’t think twice.

Michael Langguth, poq studio:

Most teams, including us, attend the seedcamp events for the mentorship. We had about 70 different mentors from all parts of the world, sharing their knowledge and trying to help us answer some of our most pressing questions.

Obviously it is not easy to take on all the advice and some of it will also be contradicting, as there is almost never only one right answer in start-ups. I really feel the event has given us some crucial insights and we are very happy to have been part of it.

Also, it had been my first time in Croatia and I was amazed by the strong entrepreneurial spirit that I have seen in the local teams like e.g. Weddingella.

Nikola Tomović, Belgrade Genie (NulApps):

An invaluable experience that goes beyond expectations. The easiest way to describe Seedcamp would be a mix of great energy and an enormous amount of knowledge and experience which both the teams and the mentors exchange freely.

Yrjö Ojasaar, Publification:

The mentor meetings were excellent resource for us – our primary goal for participating in Seedcamp was to get the benefit of the collective experience and intelligence of the +50 international mentors all in one place in one day. The advice of mentors was invaluable in confirming our go-to-market strategy and plan for fundraising.

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