Seedcamp Zagreb winner revealed – it’s Poq Studio from London

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON August 17

It’s been more than two months since Seedcamp in Zagreb and yesterday we found out which of the 20 companies got the investment. It is the London-based Poq Studio, a mobile ecommerce platform for fashion products.

Poq Studio makes it possible for small and medium fashion retailers to sell their products and reach their customers on smartphone platforms in an easy and engaging manner.

The app is beautifully designed, very elegant and minimal. The sellers can get their app by paying a signup fee, after which they enter a subscription model set at 500€/month (at least this was the case at the time of the event). Update: the pricing is still being decided, for now the monthly rates go from £70 + commission up to £300 per month, depending on the amount of customization required.

The beauty of the app and the simplicity of the business model, along with a very strong team that I had the chance to get to know better during a mentor session, were the main reasons I liked the company pretty much. This is seen in the quote from the feedback form guys from Seedcamp published in their post on new companies aboard.

Seedcamp’s Philip Moehring had this to say regarding them choosing Poq Studia as a new member of the Seedcamp family:

They are working with some great retailers and the founders have shown us that hey know how to iterate and build a very useful product.

On the other hand, Michael Langguth, one of the founders, shared the following about this investment:

The investment by Seedcamp is really great, but out of experience I can already say that the connections and support that we will get from being in the network will be more important than money. We have recently also closed a seed round with a leading London based fashion investor.

These two investments will greatly enhance our ability to take all the learning that we got from our apps in the last months and put it into reality, making mobile shopping available to everyone in the fashion industry.

You can see what were Poq Studio impressions just after Seedcamp Zagreb, or see the embedded video for a demo of the product.

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