Semaphore — helping Ruby devs create quality apps with their continuous integration service

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON July 16

Semaphore is a hosted continuous integration sevrice for Ruby apps, a fresh startup hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia. The service will allow it’s users to automate the testing process with the goal of improving the quality of software and shorten the overall process of creating software.

The target market are Ruby programmers who don’t want to bother with managing their own continuous integration servers. Semaphore aims at small and medium size teams (5 to 15 people) and offers collaboration features. (See full feature list here.)

The app allows integration and unit testing. An example of usage of the service would be automatic test execution after each code change, so as to avoid the breaking of any part of your Ruby app.

Users connect with their Github account, choose the Ruby project they are building which is then cloned to Semaphore’s servers where a database and everything else that is needed for execution of tests is created.


The main job of Semaphore is fast execution of tests and allowing easy access to results far all users. The application is an ‘iceberg’, with all the workings deep under the hood, the maintenance of which will bring an interesting challenge to the team.

Semaphore is a product of Rendered Text, who have been developing Ruby and Rails apps since 2008. Team is made of five members, with the founders being Darko Fabijan and Marko Anastasov.

What’s interesting about these guys is that they’re the first entrepreneurs from Serbi to have been invited to a Seedcamp event, with their Plakatt service (done together with Superawesøme) back in 2010 in Zagreb.

Even though they are presenting themselves on a market where there is already strong competition (tddium, Railsonfire etc.) Semaphore team believes that with the quality of the product they will get good market position.

After a beta run with 200 users, the service launched a month a go and you can take it out on a free test drive over at

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