Serbian COFA Games enters Startup Sauna accelerator programme

BY Zoja Kukic ON May 2

Less than a month after Startup Sauna visited Belgrade, where they met 10 Serbian startups at The Royal Palace, results are here. COFA Games with its MOBA game Awakening of Hereos has become a part of this finnish accelerator.

The team will spend 5 weeks in Helsinki with 19 other teams where they will focus mostly on Business Development. By participating in Startup Sauna accelerator, COFA games team will receive valuable lessons from the most talented serial entrepreneurs, investors and other industry experts whose main goal is to prepare early-stage startups for entering the market.

Besides, after the accelerator program, teams with the best results are brought to Silicon Valley in order to meet American investors, media, customers and potential partners. Finally, the best of them are offered up to 40.000 Euros of funding.

Since Finland and this accelerator as well are famous for having successful startups for entertainment and especially gaming, this is the biggest benefit as seen by the founder, Nikola Mitic:

nikola11-e1397331366597Game development is relatively new industry in Serbia and with mobile phones and facebook it is changing very fast, and therefore continuous education and constant improvement and adjustments are needed. Finland is the Mekah for game development and we are very glad to be in the center of the action.

From the programme itself, besides the focusing on business development, we are expecting to gain a lot of new contacts and help regarding the finalization of the product and marketing plan.


Other then Startup Sauna Awakening of Heroes was also recognized by SoftLayer Catalyst startup program and received a grant from the Innovation Fund for 90-000€.

Martin Talvari, CMO of Startup Sauna who met the team in Belgrade, commented on this exclusively for Startit:

524487_10102623128770731_1347313374_n-1-e1399027023394I like them very much. I believe they will benefit a lot from a Finish gaming scene and in many various ways. One of them will definitely be in learning how to monetize from their game.

The best teams are also highlighted at Slush 2014 (every team from our programme gets the chance to present thmeselves there) and this will be interesting for COFA games, since many game focused investors and media are present there.

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