South-East Europe: home to successful startups and great talent – jump on board!

BY Vukašin Stojkov ON June 7

There have been a number of successful and promising startups coming out of South-East Europe lately.

Take Farmeron for instance – after getting into Seedcamp and then 500 Startups, the startup had just raised a $1.4 million seed round to help farmers all around the world do their work more efficiently.

Or Nordeus, which had taken EA head on to win the title of the most popular sports game online with it’s Top Eleven football manager. This bootstrapped company is now the third largest European social gaming company.

The list goes on., the clutter-free, web-based voice and video calling service, Celtra, the providers of rich media advertising solutions, ShoutEm, Manage WP, activeCollab, Toshl

The ability of entrepreneurs from this region to create successful global companies has been verified by these and other great examples, while its full potential, we believe, is yet to be shown. The regional ecosystem(s) are still in their nascency, with experienced local mentors and opportunities for raising capital being an exception rather than the rule, but things are changing fast and for the better.

Loads of talented engineers and entrepreneurs are in line to take the opportunity to come into the global market with innovative solutions to many yet unsolved problems and unmet needs. And, why not, one of them might just be the next great European tech company.

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