Startup Academy Demo Day showcases best new Serbian startups in front of 600+ attendees

BY Zoja Kukic ON April 28

Third generation of Startit Startup Academy will be graduating in front of 600+ people at the most important startup event in Serbia this year. Startup Academy Demo Day will be held on Saturday the 16 of May in Belgrade.

This event will also be an opportunity to get important updates from the Serbian startup community which will be gathered at this event. SEE ICT, NGO which has played an important role in kickstarting the local startups, will share important milestones in the evloution of the scene, look into trends that will shape the future and announce exclusively a number of new programmes.

Teams that`ll present range from those with validated concepts to those which have traction and running business for at least half a year. Some of them alreday received seed investments, the other ones are actively looking for one. Their products are in consumer, B2B and tech tool industries targeting young mothers, developers, alpinists, etc.

Everyone interested in attending the event should just apply here.

Startup Academy is the first and only educational programme for startup founders, some of the teams who went through its programme are FishingBookerLoyalis, TruckTrack and Farmia.

SEE ICT is the first organization in Serbia focused on startups, is behind the leading Serbian tech & entrepreneurship portal, Potkrovlje Hub, different educational programmes for entrepreneurs and developers and was a host of the biggest startup festival in this part of the Europe. Startup Academy and other projects of the organization are strongly supported by GIZ from it`s beginning.

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