Tesla convoy promoting new accelerator and competitions for innovative startups

BY Balsa Djukovic ON September 17

This week regional cities will be visited by  “Tesla convoy” that promotes new accelerator for startups „World Tesla Innovations Network – Accelerator“,  competition “The Next Tesla Thing” and entrepreneurship itself. Tesla Model S will travel the entire route and in each city will be joined with other electric and hybrid vehicles.

The aim of the event is to connect innovators, entrepreneurs and investors inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla with companies that want to use the patents of the company Tesla Motors, which were recently made ​​available by it’s founder Elon Musk. Key topics will be development of electric vehicle charging stations and generally renewable sources of energy.

The idea of ​​Tesla convoy was formed after a recent conference held in Smiljan, the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, organized on the occasion of the establishment of the new business accelerator which has a goal to attract startup companies in the areas of the work of our famous scientist.

Convoy will visit several cities in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro:

18 September – Zagreb and Belgrade

September 19 – Nis

September 20 – Skopje

21 September – Tetovo

September 22 – Pristina and Tirana

23 September – Podgorica and Dubrovnik

September 24th – Split and close the circle again in Zagreb

Two competitions for innovators

Convoy will promote two competitions in their organization. The Tesla Next thing competition where the best innovations will win 1.000€ cash prize, while the 5 best business ideas will get a package of support in the form of mentoring and training, the value of which is estimated at 5,000 euros. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors who are serial entrepreneurs and business angels.

The criteria are: level of innovation, level of commercialization and it is necessary that the product/service is applicable to the world market.

The second competition is dedicated to innovators and designers is called Design your next Tesla EV. The best design will be sent to the headquarters of Tesla Motors ,and in Tesla Science Center in the United States. In addition, the winner of the following awards of 1.000€.

The criteria for evaluation are: level of innovation, aesthetic quality, realization, functionality and usefulness and impact.

Deadline for both competitions is November 17th.

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