Welcome Silicon Gardens, new regional fund!

BY Katarina Popovic ON June 7

Silicon Gardens Fund has finally come to a light of day after serious bureaucratic slowdowns (even in Slovenia) and we couldn’t be happier.

New angel investment fund in this area are great news for the region. More importantly – fund has been created by entrepreneurs that started off from Slovenia and made international boom and successful exit stories.

Investments are great, but not enough. Best mentoring and counselling come from those who have themselves went through the whole cycle – through hardships to the stars and broke that “invisible wall”, the belief that we are far from Silicone Valley to do anything remarkable. Therefore, even more points go to Silicone Gardens.

andrazI believe there’s an enormous amount of talent in the region that can under the right circumstances create many global stories. There are already a few examples, and I am sure more are to come. We’ll try to help. – cofounder of the fund, Andraz Tori

The idea has been in their minds for long and has shown that for the opening of an investment fund, as for every other startup idea, you need unbelievable amount of persistence to put it on its feet. The founders are a group of Slovenian and American investors with the goal to provide seed funding for growing startups, but also know-how on how to position your startup and to win in USA market.

Idea came first to one of the most successful regional entrepreneurs and investors, Jugoslav Petkovic (Mimovrste, Flavia, Povio), and following partners are Gregor Rebolj (Klika/Sportradar), Borut Rismal (Pasadena) and Boštjan Špetič (Zemanta). American partners are, as Jugoslav puts it, champion crew that believes in the potentials of this region – Fred WilsonBrad FeldJerry Colonna and Paul Vidich.

In the initial phase, the fund will invest 20-40 thousand euro in 5-10 perspective regional startups. Their network and experience from USA market are truly priceless for the whole regional community. As an example, just one conversation we had with Jugoslav about Datamaid few moths ago was enough to open completely new perspectives for our product, its potentials and planning investments.

The true recommendation, though, came from Tomaz Stolfa (Layer) in his blog:

tomazKnowing pretty much all the parties involved in the fund I’m confident that everyone is going to work extremely hard to make entrepreneurs and their teams successful, not only in their professional life, but also on a personal level.

We wish them a warm welcome in the community and super-hot first round of investments and invite startups to use this awesome opportunity!

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